Fisheye Placebo

Original webcomic by Yuumei (Wenqing Yan)
Genre: Cyberpunk, Cypherpunk, Fiction, Psychological
Estimated Release Date: hopefully before March 2013

Living under an authoritarian regime is not fun. Extensive censorship meant no Facebook, no Youtube, and no porn.

Fortunately for Vance, being a hacker makes scaling the Great Firewall a walk in the park. With the free web at his fingertips, Vance should be happy but he’s not. Maybe there’s something missing in his life that porn just cannot replace.

Maybe it’s a girlfriend.

So it’s not weird at all to hack into the university to assign himself a hot female roommate, right? That’s just taking fate into your own hands, or something along those lines, right?

Too bad fate had other plans in mind and Vance is dragged into a crazy conspiracy to overthrow the government by his most-definitely-not-female roommate.

College is meant to be exciting, but not this exciting. Between failed dates, failed grades, and maybe not quite failed hacks, Vance will slowly come to question the morality of his actions and the true price of freedom.

Is this what democracy looks like?


This post is posted on Thursday 27 December 2012.
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